ULTRAVOX - QUARTET (Box Set) (Deluxe Edition) (2023)

ULTRAVOX - QUARTET (Box Set) (Deluxe Edition) (2023) Quartet (Original 1982 Analog Master)
CD1-1 Reap The Wild Wind 3:49
CD1-2 Serenade 5:06
CD1-3 Mine For Life 4:47
CD1-4 Hymn 5:55
CD1-5 Visions In Blue 4:41
CD1-6 When The Scream Subsides 4:18
CD1-7 We Came To Dance 4:15
CD1-8 Cut And Run 4:19
CD1-9 The Song (We Go) 3:57
Quartet (Steven Wilson Stereo Mix)
CD2-1 Reap The Wild Wind 3:50
CD2-2 Serenade 5:05
CD2-3 Mine For Life 4:44
CD2-4 Hymn 5:51
CD2-5 Visions In Blue 4:40
CD2-6 When The Scream Subsides 4:17
CD2-7 We Came To Dance 4:28
CD2-8 Cut And Run 4:20
CD2-9 The Song (We Go) 3:59


CD2-10 Hosanna (In Excelsis Deo) 3:23
CD2-11 Monument 3:18
CD2-12 Break Your Back 3:26
CD2-13 Overlook 4:11
Singles ¦ B-Sides ¦ Rarities
CD3-1 Reap The Wild Wind (Extended Version) 4:45
CD3-2 Hosanna (In Excelsis Deo) 4:24
CD3-3 Hymn (Single Version) 4:25
CD3-4 Monument 3:18
CD3-5 The Thin Wall (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Oct 1981) 5:58
CD3-6 Visions In Blue (Single Version) 4:17
CD3-7 Break Your Back 3:29
CD3-8 Reap The Wild Wind (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Dec 1982) 3:57
CD3-9 We Came To Dance (Single Version) 4:10
CD3-10 Overlook 4:05
CD3-11 We Came To Dance (Extended Version) 7:38
CD3-12 Serenade (Single Version) 4:28
CD3-13 Serenade (Special Re-Mix) 6:03
CD3-14 The Voice (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Dec 1982) 4:23

Cassette Rehearsals ¦ Monitor Mixes
Cassette Rehearsals

CD4-1 Reap The Wild Wind 3:18
CD4-2 Serenade 7:40
CD4-3 Mine For Life 3:37
CD4-4 Hymn 5:08
CD4-5 Visions In Blue 2:39
CD4-6 When The Scream Subsides 3:19
CD4-7 We Came To Dance 4:42
CD4-8 Cut And Run 4:39
CD4-9 The Song (We Go) 5:56
Monitor Mixes, July 1982
CD4-10 Reap The Wild Wind (Monitor Mix) 3:38
CD4-11 Visions In Blue (Monitor Mix) 4:21
CD4-12 Cut And Run (Monitor Mix) 4:35
CD4-13 Mine For Life (Monitor Mix) 5:08
CD4-14 Hymn (Monitor Mix) 6:14
CD4-15 Serenade (Monitor Mix) 4:56
CD4-16 We Came To Dance (Monitor Mix) 5:00

Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1982 (Part One)

CD5-1 Reap The Wild Wind 4:33
CD5-2 When The Scream Subsides 4:17
CD5-3 The Thin Wall 5:40
CD5-4 New Europeans 4:13
CD5-5 We Stand Alone 5:34
CD5-6 I Remember (Death In The Afternoon) 5:30
CD5-7 Visions In Blue 4:40
CD5-8 Mr. X 5:43
CD5-9 Sleepwalk 4:12

Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1982 (Part Two)

CD6-1 The Voice 6:53
CD6-2 Vienna 5:34
CD6-3 Astradyne 5:07
CD6-4 All Stood Still 4:23
CD6-5 Passing Strangers 5:18
CD6-6 Mine For Life 5:51
CD6-7 Hymn 6:53
CD6-8 The Song (We Go) 5:19

Quartet (Album ¦ B-Sides)
Steven Wilson Mix ● DTS 24/48 5.1 Surround Mix ● Dolby AC3 5.1 Surround Mix ● 24/96 LPCM Mix

DVD-1 Reap The Wild Wind
DVD-2 Serenade
DVD-3 Mine For Life
DVD-4 Hymn
DVD-5 Visions In Blue
DVD-6 When The Scream Subsides
DVD-7 We Came To Dance
DVD-8 Cut And Run
DVD-9 The Song (We Go)


DVD-10 Hosanna (In Excelsis Deo)
DVD-11 Monument
DVD-12 Break Your Back
DVD-13 Overlook

Original 1982 Analog Master (96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix)

DVD-14 Reap The Wild Wind
DVD-15 Serenade
DVD-16 Mine For Life
DVD-17 Hymn
DVD-18 Visions In Blue
DVD-19 When The Scream Subsides
DVD-20 We Came To Dance
DVD-21 Cut And Run
DVD-22 The Song (We Go)


DVD-23 Hosanna (In Excelsis Deo)
DVD-24 Monument
DVD-25 Break Your Back
DVD-26 Overlook
DVD-27 The Thin Wall (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Oct 1981)
DVD-28 Reap The Wild Wind (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Dec 1982)
DVD-29 The Voice (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, Dec 1982)
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År(Release):   1982
Inläggningsdatum:  2023-07-11 00:54:11