DE/VISION - REMIXED 1 Bleed Me White (Come Of Age Mix)
2 Take Me To The Time (Time Warp Mix)
3 I Regret (Sonnet J.A.B. Mix)
4 Moments We Shared (Nocomment Mix)
5 Endlose Träume (Insomnia Mix)
6 Get Over The Wall (The Brick Mix)
7 Free From Cares (Swarf Mix)
8 Dress Me When I Bleed (Undressed Mix)
9 Your Hands On My Skin (Sonnet Shuttle Mix)
10 Try To Forget (Never 4get 2Mix)
11 Blue Moon 1999 (Radio Edit)
Back Cover Missing

År(Release):   2002
Inläggningsdatum:  2023-08-05 23:48:00