I have three Amiga 1200.
Two Commodore and one Escom.

Ok so here's the first Commodore Amiga 1200 which I bought sometime in the 90's.
Can't remember which year I got it.
Still working after more than 20 years...some keys a bit yellowed but otherwise in good condition
At the moment ClassicWorkbench Lite installed.

  • Apollo 1230 Turbo (68030 @ 25 MHz) with 8 MB Ram
  • Wireless PCMCIA Card Netgear Model MA401
  • Compact Flash card Adapter with 4GB CF 
  • Classic Workbench Lite (will probably upgrade to OS 3.9 later)
  • Upgraded with Kickstart ROMs 3.1    3.1 ROM 40.068

Here's my 2nd Amiga 1200. It's an Escom.
Escom was a German computer company that bought Commodore International in 1995.

 My 3rd Amiga 1200 which is a Commodore version and it's recapped.


  • ACA 1233n-40 (68030 @ 40Mhz) with 128 MB Ram
  • Real Time Clock Module
  • Wireless PCMCIA Card Netgear Model MA401
  • Indivision AGA MK2cr A1200-A400T
  • Compact Flash card Adapter with 8GB CF
  • AmiKit Real 8.7 installed (will upgrade to AKReal 8.8)
  • Kickstart ROM 3.1 40.068
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